The secret to your life purpose is hidden inside your body

Are you a human being  who knows to have a special, sacred role in transforming our world? Do you know you have profoundly magnificent gifts to offer but you are still struggling with your vitality, self-value, relationships, prosperity…

Extreme health challenges can be your potent, initiatory path to a more grand and meaningful purpose. You still have to resolve these real health problems, but without the understanding of their deeper roots, you may be destined to repeat them over and over. At the core of every shadow is a golden treasure waiting to be unlocked and revealed.

In the heart of every challenge live your deepest wisdom and knowledge.


Your traumas and challenges are meant to be harmonized and resolved, they are the fierce rites of passage that will lead to the full embodiment of your sacred power. You are designed to go through such ordeals to find your true soul purpose. You have to connect intimately with your core essence in order to connect to your greatest purpose, then connect with others who carry a torch for the same mission.

You will be able to amplify your self-compassion and then extend that same empathy to the world in powerful, impactful, life optimizing ways!

The gifts of your presence reside within you and are revealed by facing the shadow eye-to-eye, heart-to-heart, soul-to-soul, shadows which can be expressed in the physical form by illness or self-sabotaging behaviors.  We must graciously honor the process of our transformation.

Just as the dragonfly arises from the dark depths of the water through a metamorphosis fueled from the same fluid that will help her expand her boundless wings and be reborn into the air and light of Divinity.

As I am fully devoted to guiding you through this process with kind compassion...

I want Vivica's support!

Hi, I am Vivica!

I was born in Italy, but I feel like a Divine guardian and mother of the whole earth! My life journey has been rich, diverse, challenging, and triumphant. I am a holistic practitioner, my specializations are Internal Family Systems Therapy and other trauma-informed modalities for psychedelic integration as well as functional nutrition. My background is in optimized bio-nutrition, photography, sustainable homesteading,  trauma therapy, Amazonian medicinal plants and shamanism.

I was first compelled to my studies in order to resolve my own health struggles: Hormone imbalances, prediabetes, hypothyroidism, Hashimoto's, fibroids, adrenal fatigue, ADHD and more. Aside from the physical issues, I struggled with depression, panic attacks, and what I later came to identify as CPTSD. These very issues became my greatest wisdom teachers and gave me the motivation to keep exploring and learning more about my body, and my psyche, and developing intimacy and mastery in my emotions. 

With the help of nutrition, therapy, plant medicine, and trauma-informed modalities, I was able to conquer them one by one, and finally embody my sacred power to serve others.

I was remarkably lucky to learn with the most successful international practitioners and healers and to find incredible, advanced mentors. I became a Sherlock Holmes of the root causes of all dysfunction and disharmony. Today I help people all over the world to connect the dots and map the interconnected constellations of their health: physical, emotional, and spiritual selves, and I empower them with the knowledge that results in profoundly positive transformation. 

My approach is unique, multifaceted, and rooted in an embodiment: it’s the gorgeous, compassionate listening to the needs of your body, psyche  and soul, connecting them together and creating a foundation with nourishing foods, detoxification, youth and radiance amplification, and self-honoring practices.

I have walked the shamanic path for seven years, studying with some of the best teachers of the Peruvian Amazon, and the Sacred Medicine. I am passionately dedicated to creating a bridge of integration between the ancient indigenous teachings, the psychedelic experience and daily life in the Western World.  

I reconnect you to the magical medicine person and wise healer inside of YOU! 


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Through this mentorship program, we will work intimately together to resolve whatever challenges you are presented with, physical, emotional, or spiritual, with the goal of fully embodying your sacred power in the world. We’ll transform every challenge into a gift, opportunity, and blessing that propels you into your peak luminosity and brilliance. We’ll transform every challenge into a gift, opportunity, and blessing that propels you into your peak luminosity and brilliance.

One-On-One Mentorship Designed Just For You!

The mentorship consists of a series of weekly video calls, where we will custom craft a program suited to your individual needs. The program will include: detailed health history analysis, hormonal evaluation if needed, customized nutrition and nourishment plan, custom supplementation, guided detox and rejuvenation plan, guided exploration of self sabotaging patterns followed with tremendously transformative and effective subconscious reprogramming and compassionate, deeply intimate and personalized support. 

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I know you said you get so much out of helping others but I wanted to say again how thankful I am to have come in contact with you. I'm very thankful for the knowledge and passion that I do have and I wish everyone could at least even make the changes I have made and I'm so passionate so many people could get healed with just lifestyle changes. I've healed so much and come so far and feel great. So, thank you for being there for me and I'll do whatever I can to support you as well and recommend you. I have faith and I have been praying for this and I will continue to pray for me, and our journey but also you as an individual. Whatever you believe, know there are good vibes coming your way!


Let’s create a village of powerful, thriving lightworkers.

Creating a community is crucial to our thriving, spiritually, psychologically, and physically.

Let’s join together! As we individually embark on this hero’s journey of healing and self-discovery, we can mutually support and elevate one other to our ultimate brilliance. We can create a new epoch of community: The village of lightworkers! Many prophecies have been woven about the army of lightworkers, however, we can’t fight violence with violence! We don’t need more war, we need to reinvent and define the roles we require to architect a flourishing community: mother, father, sister, brother, lover, wisdom keeper, sage, elder!

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