Get a dose of Vivica's intuitive healing powers.

In this 30 minute call, you will be able to leverage Vivica’s knowledge, her years of clinical experience and her deep intuitive powers to assess your general, hormonal and metabolic health.

This call will give you an initial level of clarity about the real causes of your symptoms. You can expect a clear explanation and guidance for your current situation as well as an outline of the steps needed to resolve the issues at hand.

This call will give you a functional/holistic perspective, meaning you will be able to understand the connections between different symptoms as well as the reasons you are feeling them, in addition to a clear idea of what's needed to resolve them.



Functional - Intuitive Health Evaluation

  • 30 Minute Call

  • Evaluation Of Your Current Problems
  • Uncover The Root Causes Of Your Symptoms

  • An Intuitive & Detailed Guideline On How To Heal

  • Discover Practices For Continual Healing


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One-On-One Consultation

  • 60-Minute Phone Consultation
  • Explore Health History
  • Acknowledge Health Challenges
  • Design Custom Action Plan to Move Forward into Thriving Health
  • Nourishment, Lifestyle, and Possible Supplement Recommendations
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Discover the exacting, root cause of your ailments, and how to resolve them in a custom/tailored and richly personalized way.

This is a 60-minute, one on one immersive phone consultation with Vivica.

Vivica will blend her keen knowledge of nutrition, her extensive clinical experience, and her intuitive wisdom to provide precise insights into your situation and how to resolve your challenges.

During this immersive, you will discuss your health history, address health challenges, and design an effective, inspiring plan of action to propel you forward on your path of flourishing.

New clients only.

A wonderful introduction to Vivica's methodologies.

With this program, you will gain a diamond clear understanding of your situation and map a laser-sharp action plan.

After this program, you will have a clearer understanding of what your body needs with a special focus on balancing metabolic and endocrine issues and understanding the connections between hormones and all other systems of the body.

Full instructions will be emailed upon booking the program.



The Healing Foods Method Mini Program

  • 90-minute Phone Consultation One on One with Vivica
  • Food and Lifestyle Journal Evaluation
  • 4-week Therapeutic Ketogenic Meal Plan
  • Custom Supplement Recommendations (as needed)
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Monthly Payment

  • Detailed health history analysis.
  • Hormonal evaluation if needed.
  • Customized nutrition and nourishment plan.
  • Custom Supplementation.
  • Guided Detox and rejuvenation plan.
  • Guided exploration of self-sabotaging patterns followed with tremendously transformative and effective subconscious reprogramming.
  • Compassionate, deeply intimate, and personalized support.
I am ready to shine!

Are you ready to shine boldly in your ultimate beauty, genius, and power?

Through this mentorship program, we will work intimately together to resolve whatever challenges you are presented with, physical, emotional, or spiritual, with the goal of fully embodying your sacred power in the world. We’ll transform every challenge into a gift, opportunity, and blessing that propels you into your peak luminosity and brilliance.

The mentorship consists of a series of weekly video calls, where we will custom craft a program suited to your individual needs.

Are you ready to create and embody a lively new you?

A 4-month transformative path for whole self optimization: foundation of vibrant health, fruitful, invigorating habits and the perfect eating style for you.

This program is designed to provide you with a super/mega solid foundation for your future health and thrival, and to address any existing health condition you are experiencing.

In our 14 week journey we will accomplish several valuable steps: Keto adaptation, liver detoxification and establishing a customized eating and lifestyle plan exquisitely tailored to your needs. Clear and simple instructions and individual guidance will make this health transformation process elegantly easeful and exciting.


Discovery Call Required

The Healings Food Method

  •  ​Full-spectrum assessment of your metabolic state.
  • Assessment of your body’s systems functionality.
  • Your individual macros profile.
  • 6 weeks of sumptuous, mouthwatering meal plans and recipes specific to the programs phase (unpublished recipes).
  • 8 core classes with videos and multiple, highly informative manuals to empower you with the wisdom/insight to succeed.
  • ​A minimum of 10 calls with Vivica providing guidance and support!
  • Unlimited, swift response email support.
  • Exclusive FB Group Membership Haven for THFM.
  • Jump start accelerator pack of nutrients recommended for successful keto-adaptation. Valued at $200.
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